1 Sep 2009

I do not welcome our new rodent overlord

Flash! The Disney Corporation has just bought the entire Marvel empire for the princely sum of US$4 billion dollars. The fanboy fury has already crashed about a dozen sites. Cooler heads are trying to suggest there could be some positives from this - Pixar could now make awesome 3d Marvel movies, for example. More sour types - like your humble blogger - are less optimistic. Some folks talk about when Warner Brothers bought DC out in 1969. Look at the legacy - all those appalling live-action films, the twenty years of sitting on "Watchmen", and the fact that - only now, after forty years - is the DC franchise properly firing. This is largely due to Marvel showing how it is done. But now the Big Bad Mouse is in control; I feel that only the ineffable disdain of "Under A Cherry Moon"-era Prince properly conveys my feelings:


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