9 Oct 2009

By any other name

Originally, naming this blog "lezbein pr0n" was a rather unfunny joke about the general state of teh Interwebs. But irony, like goldy and silvery, is a rare and precious thing - and there is a sad lack of irony about on the net.

My Google tracker tells me I'm getting umpteen dodgy searches for pr0n - and by Apollo some have been dodgier than I would have liked. I do reserve a dry laugh at the plight of some illiterate seeker after pr0n, stumbling across my blog. At least they may get an education, perhaps.

So now that the joke is played out, it's time for a renaming. I have settled on cobblerkhan. Firstly it's a reference to my occupation, and secondly a nod to Coleridge and his opium dream. Sounds less sleazy and more like a real blog, anyway.

In other news, the third verse in the ballad of Patsy Walker is a few days away. Meantime, here's a great moment between Nick Fury and Norman Osborne, as they compare their notes. It proves just who the real boss is in the MU.


Oh, and you should really check out "No Heroics" sometime, if you haven't already:

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